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Low Cost Service for Rhode Island Apostille


General Information about Rhode Island Apostille

In 1961 many nations joined together to create a simplified method of "legalizing" documents for universal recognition. Members of the conference, referred to as the Hague Convention, adopted a document referred to as an Apostille that would be recognized by all member nations.

Documents sent to member nations, completed with an Apostille at the state level, may be submitted directly to the member nation without further action.

Documents that we provide Apostille Services for

The most common types of documents include:

  • Marriage Licenses, Divorce agreements, Divorce decree
  • Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates
  • Single Status to Marry, No record of a Marriage
  • Criminal Record
  • Power of Attorney - General, Special, Finance, Real Estate etc.
  • Notarized copies of Passport, Affidavits, and other documents
  • Papers for ADOPTION purposes
  • Transcripts (School, College, University, or any other issuing agency)
  • Diploma, Degree Certificates, Graduation Records
  • Corporate documents, such as
    • Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation
    • Merger Agreements
    • Authorization letter for Bank, FInance, Office, and related company matters
    • Certificates of Amendment
    • Certificate of good standing
    • Power of Attorney
    • Certificate of Incumbency
    • Corporate Resolution
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Corporate Forms
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Stock Purchase agreement in foreign companies
    • Business Letter of Invitation
  • Permission to Travel, Consent by Parent(s) to travel with Minor Children

Please note that the list above is just illustrative of some of the more common documents that we receive. There are thousands of other document types that we can get you an Apostille for.

How it works

You need to mail us the original documents at our office address. Our specialist agents will then work on getting the Apostille within 5-6 business days, In some cases, rush / expedite service is also available.

The completed Apostilles along with the original documents will be returned to you at no extra cost via FEDEX delivery for any location within the continental United States, & Canada. If you want us to ship the documents abroad, we can do so but there will be extra shipping costs that you will have to bear.

We prefer that you pay us at the time of requesting the service. Use the link below to make payments via Paypal:

 Fees, and Service charges

Please call, or email us at for additional information related to Fees, and Service charges.

You can pay us using either one of the following payment methods:

1. Cash

2. Check

3. Credit Card - Personal or Corporate business cards are acceptable

4. Paypal (you don't need to have a paypal account)

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